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Betsy – She is a 1991, Ibanez, RG 570 with an X2N in the Bridge and a Sustaniac in the Neck. This is the first guitar I ever bought and it continues to be my favorite of them all. She’s got scratches and scuffs but it all adds to her badass personality.

Gertrude – This is a 2009 Epiphone Les Paul Custom, same X2N in the Bridge. This is the first brand new guitar that I have purchased. She doesn’t have many dings but I’m sure they will find their way there.

Consuela – 2004 nylon string, she brings out some good flavorful chords and works very well in a group or party setting. She likes to socialize.


Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier – This is my Head of choice, Loud and Aggressive. Love it. I partner it up with an old beat up Marshall 1960A Cabinet.

Line 6 Spider Valve – This is good for live play making it a breeze on switching different sets of tones for songs.


M-Audio KeyrStudio 49 – Something easy to use for recording syth’s and what have you.

AKAI MPD18– A midi controller this makes drum beats easy for those who aren’t drummers or even to record trigger or samples with the hit of a pad.

Rode NT2A – A vocal microphone. That pretty much explains that.

Shure SM57 – Instrument mic used to record the guitar parts via amp or acoustic. Also any other instrument you might want to lay down.

Dual Monitor PC – Custom built by CaptainNoobing and Myself to be a beast for recording.

KRK Rockit 6′s – A pair of 6in speaker monitors for playback, mixing and mastering.

RME800 – This is a beast of a recording interface look it up if you want to know more about it.

Line 6 Pod XT Pro – This is great for recording a very versatile piece with an endless amount of tones and effects to play with.

Korg DT-1000 -This is a fancy rack mount tuner nice and easy to see very accurate stay in tune while recording and great for live use too.

Rane HC 6– A headphone amp has multiple jacks for several listeners and can pump those headphones up nice and loud.

Furman M-8Dx – A power conditioner lets me know what kinda voltage is going to my stuff protects against any power surges and supposedly cleans the noise coming from the wires but I tend to dis believe this.

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