Lend a Helping Hand

One of the struggles of growing and sharing my music is well... it's very difficult to do this on my own. With help it makes things much easier, even the littlest bit helps a lot! So the question at hand is "How Can I Help?" Well in short SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. The more eyes 'n ears that get exposed is the best route. Below are some easy way you can help me grow!

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    You can start by registering to become a HeckRaiser.org member! You will receive member specific e-mails which will include the most current ways you can help out as well as getting updates to what's going on. You also gain access to the free downloads and other free member items as they become available.
  • Facebook
    Like the Heck Raiser Page: Share my site, Share posts, Comment, Not once but all the time! The more activity that goes on here the more exposure I can get. Likes are great and look good but the real meat and potatoes are SHARES! so please share my content! I try to respond to all comments so keep in touch!
  • Twitter
    Follow Heck Raiser: Retweets, @'s, #'s, keep the coversation goin! The more commotion the more exposure! Follows are great but retweets and replys are where its at, again I try to respond to everyone to keep the messages comming!
  • Google Plus
    Fan Heck Raiser: Share, Post, Comment! create a ruccus on google same as the others it builds my online presence and generates more exposure! Let's make this trend and climb the charts keep sharing and commenting.
  • ReverbNation
    Create an account and fan Heck Raiser: Listen to the music I have posted, comment on my page. The more activity I show on here the higher I will rank in the music charts. With this I can book high profile gigs and even been get noticed by record labels with a good ranking.
  • Sound Cloud
    Create an account and follow Heck Raiser: Share the tracks, and comment on em! This is a big music site and showing tracks with loads of comments looks really good and gets better exposure it also makes people want to hear it just because it looks popular.
  • YouTube
    Subscribe to Heck Raiser: Watch the videos and build up the veiw count lets get it trending. High views generate better rankings and even money if I allow ads to run on it. Comment on the videos too keeps people coming back if they have something to talk about on there. Best thing to do is SHARE or EMBED if you can!
  • TIPS!
    Unfortunately everything I do costs $$. Running this site, recording, creating an album, free downloads, selling merch, playing a show, promotion, everything... Every dollar counts so please! Toss a few bucks my way I would very much appreciate it. Also I will list contributers on the site if they want to be.
  • Store
    Support by making a purchase from the store! Shirts, show em off make people want to know what the Heck your wearing. Stickers, slap em around town wear people will see em. Buy a CD and show your friends all of these directly support Heck Raiser $$ wise and exposure wise.
  • Any Bloggers out there?
    For those of you who run a blog or website and want to co-ordinate some sort of interview or write and article contact me! I would be more then happy to work something out and make sure whatever we publish will benefits both of us. Contact me via Facebook, Twitter or you can send me a message via my contact page.
  • Add a Heck Raiser Banner!
    For those of you who have a website, I will be creating some banners you can toss up there and link back to my site shortly, so check back soon!