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A bit about Heck,

Going way back, back when I first gripped that wonderfully crafted combination of wood and metal, what my grandfather calls “a noise-making-machine” the guitar. Believe it or not I was inspired to pick up my musical jack-hammer by a friend who played guitar. After showing me how he could play Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi, (still one of my favorite solos!) the thought of jamming along to MY favorite tracks just like he did was the coolest idea. So, I decided to give it a whirl. I was 15 years old when I started tickling the strings, twas a Christmas gift from Mr.Claus.

Mostly self-taught,

With the help of those lovely on-line tabs which I still use (thank you power tab and guitar pro) and YouTube videos. I loved every minute of it and if I wasn’t playing guitar I was thinking about playing. I did however get stuck a few years in to my playing and decided to take some formal lessons at a local music store. This teacher stays embedded in my brain and played a strong role on my “guitaristism” (I believe I made that word up) foundation. He had opened my mind to some of the AMAZING possibilities the instrument had to offer, things that you just don’t get from the Internet. He most definitely inspired and drove me to work harder and all of this naturally led me to be the guitar player I am today. Yet it is a never ending process of learning no matter what your experiance is.

Since then,

I began seriously recording my music. I worked with mostly digital recording gear and software. Now, a product in striving to create a great recording on a very limited budget well… you learn a lot. I learned to play several instruments, including keys, drums, vocals… as well as recording techniques like editing, mixing, mastering, tone, and how to property use your equipment. While this is all good stuff you also need to be able to get it out there and heard and what better source to use than the Internet. So, I honed my skills in web and graphic design as well as promoting and marketing to get my hard work exposure.

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