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  • Heck Raiser in, High Tolerance - Rock 'N Roll Child - 2010
    Download the songs from my old band High Tolerance for FREE! The song Beast In Me was placed in a promitional video for the video game UFC Undisputed III. Speed Checked by Radar was used for music heard on ESPN and other sports networks. Heroes was use for Ntelos Phone Servies, Coast Gaurd Alaska and the intro music for the FedEx Cup.

    1. Rock 'N Roll Child
    [wpdm_file id=3]
    2. True
    [wpdm_file id=2]
    3. Speed Checked by Radar
    [wpdm_file id=4]
    4. Don't Leave
    [wpdm_file id=5]
    5. Stronger
    [wpdm_file id=6]
    6. Beast In Me
    [wpdm_file id=7]
    7. Close My Eyes
    [wpdm_file id=8]
    8. Heroes
    [wpdm_file id=9]
    9. The Last Laugh
    [wpdm_file id=10]
    10. World of Experience
    [wpdm_file id=11]


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