Betsy Gets Upgrades

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Betsy my RG570 got some new guts,

I installed 2 new pick ups ( In the bridge is a DiMarzio X2N and in the neck is a Sustainiac), a new 3 way toggle switch, on off and selector switch for the neck pup, and a kill button. With that said she needed to be drilled out and completely re-wired… So, after a few moments of staring at the large pile of ingredients and a wiring diagram needed to perform this operation, I headed into it.

Step 1: Make sure all tools and supplies are available.

Pick ups, switches, wires, plenty of screws, solder, soldering iron, dremel, tape and don’t forget about Betsy! – CHECK!

Step 2: Tear all the old stuff out!

I made sure I was gentle in-order to not harm Betsy of course. Also since she was empty I gave her a good cleaning being I never seen some of the crevasses that are exposed and probably wont see ’em again for a while at least. – CHECK!

Step 3: DRILL!

This was the scariest part due to the permanent holes that will be in Betsy’s body but with proper planning it all went over well. – CHECK!

Step 4: Put new items in place and solder.

So after a quick look at the wiring diagram (a 30 minute “quick” look) I sorted out all the green wires, red wires, yellow wires, black wires, white wires, gray wires and any other color wires added some heat and there ya go. – CHECK!

Step 5: TEST IT OUT! Which is the fun part (if it works)


I do recommend if you are installing any new electronics in your guitar to thoroughly read up about them and put a detailed and organized game plan of the procedure together. Believe me it will make it go much smoother that way.

Good Luck!

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