Heck Raiser Biography

As a Guitarist and Songwriter, Heck Raiser presents a musical experience that is derived straight from the heart. Having a unique blend of influences creates an original melodic sound that you simply cannot resist. From fast and upbeat to slow melancholy, always paying close attention to detail results in must hear music.

Heck Raiser has some major Hard Rock roots generating aggressive riffs and technical playing but incorporates passion and relatable meaning with all his music. Emotion can be shown as well and spoken and Heck Raiser is committed to expressing his music both lyrically and tonally so one can truly understand the feeling within the song. [read full bio...]

Curt Mangan Guitar Strings

July 24, Posted in News by Heck Raiser No Comments »

After years of using Curt Mangan guitar strings Heck Raiser is now officially a Curt Mangan Artist! Check it out HERE! Also you can view a cool tour of their factory below.

Hulk Hogan Punches Through a Boombox

July 23, Posted in News by Heck Raiser No Comments »

So during a lul in the weekend I decided to put my guitar down for a short while and go through some old baseball cards I had collected over the years when I was a […] Read More…

Beast In Me | UFC Undisputed 3 Cover Athlete Gameplay Trailer

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Some exciting news on the music front! Original song “Beast In Me” was chosen for the UFC Undisputed 3 Gameplay Trailer! When your hard work gets noticed and recognized there aren’t too many things that […] Read More…

Canada Eh?

July 9, Posted in News by Heck Raiser No Comments »

A great trip of drinking, fishing and jamming.This place has no roads, no congestion, great scenery, great people and peace of mind. While fueled with beer to get us through long fishing days with sundown […] Read More…

Metallica in AC? I’m there!

June 14, Posted in News by Heck Raiser No Comments »

My tickets have arrived! Come June 23rd I will be attending with thousands of others a HUGE 2 day line up of bands. , Metallica who is headlining obviously will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the […] Read More…

Betsy Gets Upgrades

May 1, Posted in News by Heck Raiser No Comments »

Betsy my RG570 got some new guts, I installed 2 new pick ups ( In the bridge is a DiMarzio X2N and in the neck is a Sustainiac), a new 3 way toggle switch, on […] Read More…

Coast Guard Alaska Song Heroes for TV Commercial Theme

April 18, Posted in Eyes N' Ears, News, On Film by Heck Raiser 2 Comments »

The TV show Coast Guard Alaska chose my former band’s song Heroes for the background music theme on its promo commercial and during the show! It’s cool to know that even though the band is […] Read More…

The intro for ‘This Week in Blizz’

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So @CaptainNoobing and I put together the intro music for our buddies over at TheStarCast.com for their new POD cast ‘This Week in Blizz’.

Heck History

March 10, Posted in News, What the Heck? by Heck Raiser No Comments »

A bit about Heck, Going way back, back when I first gripped that wonderfully crafted combination of wood and metal, what my grandfather calls “a noise-making-machine” the guitar. Believe it or not I was inspired […] Read More…

Heroes – PGA Tour FedEx Cup 2010

March 9, Posted in Eyes N' Ears, News, On Film by Heck Raiser No Comments »

Heck Raiser with past Hard Rock band High Tolerance. The song Heroes cut from our album Rock N’ Roll Child was syndicated as the intro music to the TV program “Inside the PGA Tour” for […] Read More…